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Postpartum Nutrition

The postpartum period is a critical time for new mothers, and proper nutrition is key to your recovery and wellbeing. Nutrition is one of the most important contributors to how we feel, grow and develop both for us as mothers and our babies

Nourish, recover and thrive  after childbirth

This is how we'll do things

Your postpartum, your rules…

Every journey through postpartum is entirely unique. That's why I tailor my nutritional approach to suit your individual circumstances.

With a keen focus on your unique needs, I provide tailored nutritional support to ensure your wellbeing throughout your postpartum journey.

Your consultation with me is more than just a list of topics; it's about addressing your goals, your health concerns, and your aspirations. 

Together, we'll fill our time with discussions that truly matter to you. 

... you get to choose the topics we cover during our session, ensuring we focus on everything you need and nothing you don't!

Your postpartum  your rules!

A tailored nutritional approach to suit your individual circumstances

Postpartum Nutrition

$229 | 1 hour (online consult)

My postpartum nutrition service offers personalised support to optimise your nutritional intake after childbirth, helping you to heal and thrive during this time.

Topics we'll cover include:

  • Personalised food recommendations for postpartum recovery and overall wellbeing

  • Practical advice on improving food quality, increasing nutrient density, and optimising absorption

  • Holistic protocol to support common postpartum conditions and ways to naturally prevent them

  • Breastfeeding support, including understanding the impact of maternal diet on breast milk

  • Strategies to balance the physical and hormonal changes associated with weaning

  • Recommended supplement protocol for postpartum health

  • Personalised 3-day meal plan and grocery guide

... plus anything else you want to discuss

Follow-up consultation

$129 | 45 mins

This is where the real magic happens...

A follow-up consultation isn't just a "hey, how's it all going".  My follow-ups provide an invaluable opportunity to track progress, address any evolving concerns, and fine-tune your personalised plan.

It's a pretty big deal IMO– and it's where my clients see real results and real changes!

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How a consultation works

Postpartum Nutrition FAQs

Can nutrition really help with postpartum recovery?

Absolutely! Proper nutrition plays a key role in replenishing your body after childbirth, boosting energy levels, supporting milk production, and aiding in hormonal balance. Let's create a plan tailored to your unique needs for a smoother postpartum journey.

I'm breastfeeding, what should I focus on?

We'll focus on nutrient-dense foods like whole grains, lean proteins, healthy fats, and plenty of fruits and veggies. Plus, we'll discuss hydration and other factors crucial for milk production to ensure your little one gets all the nourishment they need.

I'm struggling to find time to prepare healthy meals with a newborn. Any tips?

Time is precious, especially with a new baby! We'll discuss meal prep strategies, quick and nutritious recipes, and convenient snack options to keep you fueled throughout the day. I'll help you make nourishing yourself a breeze, even on busy days!

What's involved in a nutrition consultation?

First, we’ll have a very informal chat (what I like to call a discovery call) just to get to know each other and for me to understand where you are at in your pregnancy, postpartum or baby journey.

I'll then deep dive into your health history, eating habits, lifestyle, and nutritional goals.

We’ll then meet (over a video call for approx. 1 hour) and have a good bloody chat, where we'll map out a personalised plan to nourish you with actionable steps and recommendations.

Together, we'll fill our time with discussions that truly matter to you. 

... you get to choose the topics we cover during our session, ensuring we focus on everything you need and nothing you don't!

Do I need a follow-up consultation?

It's ultimately your call!

But what I can confirm is that follow-ups keep you on track! It allows us to tweak your plan and celebrate your progress (because OFC there'll be progress).

Follow-ups are a pretty big deal IMO– and it's where my clients see real results and real changes!

What's the best way to work with you?

Take your pick!

Honestly, there's no 'best' way to work with me, it's whatever works for you and within your budget.

You can work with me 1:1, join my workshops, tune into webinars, or shoot me an email for a tailored nutritional email consultation.

I've also got a suite of digital resources (some FREE one's too) that could also be a great way to start working with me.

Are your consultations online or face-to-face?

Predominantly online.

However, for any local clients, I am happy to make an in-home visit. But for obvs (geographic) reasons, I cannot offer this to everyone.

PS:  I also offer email consultations (if you don’t fancy a chat or showing face on camera (no hard feelings).

I follow a plant-based diet. Will your recommendations still apply for me?

Yes absolutely, my recommendations can be catered to any dietary requirements or preferences.

Whether you're all about plants or love your animal products, I’ll your tailor recommendations to fit your lifestyle.

How do I book a consultation?

Easy peasy! Just head to my website, click on ‘get in touch’ and complete the form. I will then reach out (personally) to sort next steps.

Or feel free to email me directly at 

Can't wait to chat!

Do you offer payment plans?

You bet! Your journey in motherhood shouldn't break the bank. I offer flexible payment options because taking care of yourself (or your baby) should be stress-free! 

Ready to own your postpartum period  like a Queen?


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