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Holistic Nutrition for Mothers, Babies and Children

Helping families with easy nutrition solutions for every stage of motherhood!

Nutrition  in motherhood can feel like a real minefield

But with the right knowledge and support, it doesn't have to feel like that

I'm Fiona.

The girl behind Mother Nurtured!

I'm a mother of two and a Certified Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Baby Nutrition Consultant.

  • I believe in indulging in a real sugar cake on your birthday

  • I believe that food isn't solely about nutrition; it's a source of comfort and joy

  • And I also believe you don't need endless time or money to feed yourself and your family well...

... all you need is the right *knowledge* and someone who knows their sh*t! 

What stage of motherhood are you at?


Address common discomforts and concerns, guiding you towards nourishing choices that support you and your baby.


Valuable advice on nourishing foods, self-care practices, and lifestyle changes to aid your postpartum healing.

Babies & Children

Ease into solid foods with confidence, plus expert support for allergenic foods, eczema, food sensitivities and picky eaters.

When a baby  is born, so too is a mother, and they both need to be nurtured

My Favourite Things

As both a nutrition consultant and mother, I've discovered a collection of absolute must-haves for mums and babies.

These items range from products that boost the nutritional value of meals, to essential starting solids equipment, and practical lunchboxes alongside a line-up of gut healthy favourites.

Explore my top picks ...

Grocery Guide Free Download


*... it's FREE* 

The ultimate grocery guide!

Get your grocery game on track and boost your family meals! It’s not just a grocery list– it's your key to nutrient-rich cooking.

I want you to feel *smug * about your nutrition – because, really... you should!

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