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Fiona here, but you can call me Fi

I'm a 6 a.m. gym enthusiast, I make my own kefir and I prefer voice notes over text.

I'm a certified pregnancy, postpartum, and baby nutrition consultant, and I am extremely passionate about sharing knowledge, solutions, and support to help you make nutrition in motherhood easy.

You don't need endless time or money to feed yourself and your family well

All you need is the right knowledge and someone who know's their sh*t

What sets me apart?

Well, I'm all about bringing real passion and presence to the table, not just sharing expertise.

Your journey? It matters to me– like, a lot.

I've been where you are, and I know how overwhelming nutrition can be for a new mum.

It's normal for mothers to feel hesitant about seeking support or putting themselves first. However, I'm here to remind you that you do matter, because a healthy baby starts with a healthy mother.

I hold a safe space in my consultations – but really, we just have a good bloody chat!

No judgement, no pressure – just understanding and support

A few things —
you should know about me

  • I love being a Mother to these two! 

  • Baking cakes stresses me out! — it's just not my thing

  • I'm obsessed with earthing, low-tox things and everything Mother Nature — she's a healer!

  • I lived in London for 4 epic years. Although I’m a Sydney gal at heart, I now call NZ home.

  • I am an ex-corporate gal having worked in creative agencies – juggling a mix of big dog clients and start-ups.

  • I am a natural curly-haired gal but I wear it straight — yeah, I know, I'm breaking all the curly-girl rules...

I’m not just here for a consultation,

I’m here for a good chat, a laugh and maybe even a virtual hug  — when you need it most

My personal journey

My journey into holistic nutrition and becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant began with my own experiences as a mother.

I realised proper nutrition's profound impact on my wellbeing and my baby's development, most notably after experiencing postpartum depression following the birth of my second child, Florence.

After navigating this difficult time, I found a deep desire to help other mothers do the same.

Helping mothers through pregnancy and postpartum is my calling. It's a real privilege to support others while living my values.

My commitment to you?

Helping you figure out what to feed yourself and your baby, so that you can both feel your best!

Let's do this Nutrition thing

... so that you can feel absolutely fabulous, darling!

From helping you understand ingredient labels to creating meals that nourishI'll work with you to address your concerns and together, we'll put a practical plan in place – one that actually helps you see a change!

Here's the thing about nutrition

— there's no one size fit's all 

Your journey is unique, so I tailor my nutritional approach to your needs. 

A consultation with me is more than just a list of topics — you get to choose what we cover during our session, ensuring we focus on everything you need and nothing you don't!

Back to making you feel fabulous then!

Reckon we're a vibe?


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