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Eczema in Babies — 3 things you can do right now!

Baby eczema flare-ups in babies are often a sign of underlying issues within their digestive and immune systems. While food sensitivities can trigger these flare-ups, the root cause is usually deeper, stemming from an imbalance in the baby’s gut microbiome.

Food isn't the problem

Contrary to popular belief, it's not the specific foods that are the main problem. Instead, the state of the baby's gut health plays a crucial role. An unhealthy gut can lead to inflammation and a compromised immune system, which in turn can cause or exacerbate eczema.

Immediate steps you can take now

Here are three things you can start doing right away to help manage eczema and improve your baby's gut health:

1. Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a major factor in eczema flare-ups. When the intestinal wall is compromised, the food particles and toxins entering the bloodstream can lead to widespread inflammation throughout the whole body. Focus on reducing overall inflammation in your baby’s body*. This can involve eliminating common inflammatory triggers such as processed foods, sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), artificial trans fats (such as vegan butter spreads, margarine, hydrogenated oil), industrial seed oils (such as vegetable oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, etc) and certain allergens. 

Whilst reducing inflammatory foods from babies diet, a key focus also needs to be on increasing anti-inflammatory foods. Anti-inflammatory which are rich in antioxidants and help balance the immune system. This can help calm the inflammation associated with eczema*. Try incorporating as many colour vegetables, dar leafy greens (mix them into other foods or blend into smoothies and pancakes), blueberries, pineapple (raw on an empty stomach), beets, celery, coconut oil and wild salmon.

2. Ease Digestion

Food sensitivities occur from undigested food particles entering the bloodstream. Offer foods that are easier for your baby to digest. Thoroughly cooked and warm vegetables are gentler on the digestive system compared to raw and hard-to-digest foods. This helps take the pressure off your baby’s digestive system, allowing it to function more efficiently and with less stress.

Consider blended foods to also help ease digestion. This very simple act has an enormous impact on digestion. We start digesting food in the mouth so the more our teeth do, the less work the stomach and intestines have to do. For a child with a complicated digestive tract, chewing food completely helps enormously. 

3. Support Gut Health

Implement a gut support protocol. This involves healing and repairing the gut lining and introducing healthy bacteria to create a balanced microbiome. A Certified Nutrition Consultant, (like myself), can guide you through this process. The goal is to fix the gut from the inside out, which can significantly improve your baby’s overall health and reduce eczema flare-ups. 

The gut support protocol has been specifically created to support those with food sensitivities and eczema by — removing, rebalancing, repairing and restoring. This involves identifying food sensitivities and reducing exposure to triggers, building and diversifying the beneficial gut bacteria to rebalance the gut microbiome. 

Eczema in babies is often a sign of internal issues related to gut health. By focusing on reducing inflammation, easing digestion, and supporting gut health, you can help manage and alleviate your baby’s eczema flare-ups symptoms. Remember, it’s not just about what foods to avoid but how to create a healthy, balanced gut environment for your baby.

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Fiona Agius
Holistic Nutrition Consultant




[1] Oh Baby School of Holistic Nutrition 2024

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